Saint John's Cemetery Chapel

Stained Glass

About The Project

Every design decision for this chapel/mausoleum was decided with minimal maintenance and longevity in mind. The exterior walls of the structure were constructed with precast concrete wall panels with form liners used to make the walls appear to have wood-lap siding.  The vaulted-roof structure was constructed with wood joists atop heavy-timber wood roof trusses.  The roof was designed to support a 35 psf dead load to accommodate the weight of the sheets of lead used as the roofing.  A second-floor mezzanine was constructed using 8” hollow-core plank with a 3” cast-in-place concrete topping.

Project Details
  • Location:  Columbia, SD
  • Dollar Value:  $2.2 Million
  • Square Footage:  2,600
  • Owner:  Private Client
  • Architect: Mekus Tanager
  • General Contractor:  Kyburz-Carlson Construction
  • Completion Date: June 2017